About International Studies

Tuart College offers a range of courses suitable for International students.
Most courses lead to University studies.



Tuart College offers the ideal way to study in Australia, to experience Australian culture and to gain entry into university in Australia or overseas.


The College offers a number of single year courses that provide a direct pathway into Western Australian universities. International students have the choice of studying:

  • The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), as studied by local students.
  • The Western Australian Universities Foundation Program (WAUFP), which has been designed for international students and
  • The Certificate IV in Academic Preparation Studies.

Students may choose, or need, to study a two year program at the College. Tuart College offers students the opportunity to complete pathways with Year 11 WACE subjects as the basis of the first year of their two year program.


As a Senior College in the Western Australian Government’s Department of Education, Tuart College has provided International students with high quality programs for over 25 years. The stability, safety and security that are associated with the College are a direct outcome of being a government institution.

Services and facilities of Tuart College which enhance the learning experience of our students include:

  • Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Well resourced, modern library with extended opening hours.
  • Laptop loan scheme and College wide Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • University style information management system, allowing students 24 hour access to learning materials


To learn more, review the following key items:


A list of current publications related to courses at Tuart College are listed below. Please click on the publication you wish to view and it will open as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf).

Course Information

Depending on your academic background and country of origin, a number of pathways to university and TAFE can be tailored to suit your needs.

Select from the following below to learn more about our courses and how to enrol.

Tuart College Courses

University Entrance Programs

Admission Requirements


To gain admission into our programs, an international student must meet the following entry criteria:

Age: A student should be at least 16 years of age at the start of their program.

For 2014 and beyond: Tuart College will be able to enrol international students who are at least 16 years of age, 17 years of age and those students who will turn 18 after the 30th of June of that year.

Importantly, international students who fall into the Department’s compulsory age category at enrolment will be able to complete their studies at Tuart College in subsequent years, regardless of their age.

Academic Achievement: This will depend on the program studied. In general, a student must have an appropriate level of English language ability and sound performance in at least three academic subjects that are likely to be studied in their programs. It may be necessary for a student to be enrolled in an intensive English language program prior to the commencement of their academic program at Tuart College.

English Language Requirements: To obtain direct entry to a Year 11 or 12 courses, the following minimum level of English is required:

English Qualification

Year 12 WACE / WAUFP / Certificate IV, APS *

Senior Secondary Year 11

GCE O levels
SPM English
Academic Minimum Entry Requirements
4 C grades at Year 11 level
4 C grades at Year 10 level
China (PRC)
Year 2 Senior High School, 70% average in 4 academic subjects
Year 1 Senior High School, 70% average in 4 academic subjects
SMA 2, average 7.0
SMA 1, average 7.0
4 C grades at SPM level or Senior Middle 2, C grade average.
4 C grades at Form 4 level
4 C grades at O Level.
4 C grades at Form 4 level
Year 11, with an average of 8.0 in 4 relevant subjects.
Year 10, with an average of 8.0 in 3 relevant subjects

* Students from the PRC (and other Assessment level 3 countries) require the completion of Year 3 Senior High for entry into the Certificate IV, APS.

Fees and Expenses

Each course at Tuart College has a tuition fee which is listed in the table shown below. There are, however, a range of other expenses that international students need to consider when looking at the overall cost of undertaking studies at the College.


College Fees and Expenses


This includes the teaching costs of the programs, orientation program, graduation ceremony and certificates. The table below lists the tuition fees in Australian dollars for our more popular programs.

2016 Courses (Full Year)

Course Fee

Senior Secondary Education (Year 11 or 12)
Certificate IV, Academic Preparation Studies
Fast-Track WAUFP


Fees payable to other organisations (subject to change)

Fees below are subject to change

Visa fee payable to the Australian Embassy or High Commission in the stu- dent’s country of origin.
Annual medical insurance (15 months cover).
Return airfare to Perth usually paid in the country of origin.
Estimated cost of textbooks and stationery.
Year 11 WACE Fee to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority
Year 12 WACE Fee to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority

International Student Support


The Orientation Program for International Students

The College realises that it can be difficult arriving in a new country. You will be met on arrival at Perth International Airport by a representative of the College and taken directly to your Homestay accommodation.

Soon after your arrival in Perth, you will participate in an orientation program. During this program, we provide you with information on living and studying in Perth, finalise your enrolment, help you with essential matters such as bank accounts and medical insurance.

The orientation program is also a good opportunity for you to meet fellow students and the staff of the College.

All transport and meal costs incurred during the orientation program are met by the College.

Pastoral Care

Tuart College has an International Student Office which provides international students with pastoral care and support as well as a focus point within the College.

Tuart College has International Student Advisors who provide information, advice and assistance in dealing with day-to-day matters.


Tuart College provides student counselling and advisory services. We encourage you to use this service for friendly and confidential discussion of your concerns, such as:

  • study skills,
  • course information and subject selection,
  • applications for tertiary study, and
  • career and vocational advice.

Tuart College has a Counsellor who is a trained psychologist and is readily available to provide advice on personal issues.

Learning Support

Learning support systems provide you with study assistance beyond your scheduled classes. Staff are available to help you with learning strategies such as organising a study timetable, essay writing and examination techniques.

In addition to formal classes, Tuart College provides opportunities for you to receive additional assistance with your study of particular subjects through our Learning Centre in the library.

Applications and Enrolment


There are two ways to apply for a program at the College:


Most international students find it convenient to use the services of one of our accredited international agents in their own country. Check for the addresses of international agents in your region. These agents will make all the necessary arrangements for you and the College encourages you to use their services. Click the following link to check the ETI website which will direct you to accredited agents.

Enrol Direct

You can also enrol directly through the College. This may suit students who are already studying in Perth, and also those living in countries where the College has no official agents. Students applying directly to the College can take the following steps to enrol.

Make an enquiry

Tuart College
Banksia Street
Tuart Hill
Western Australia 6060

Telephone: 618 9242 6222
Facsimile: 618 9444 0913
E-mail: ISO Manager

Complete the Application Form

Download the Application Form

Send the completed application form with certified copies of your birth certificate and most recent school results to the International Students Office at the address shown above.

The College will then assess your eligibility for the course you have requested. If you meet the entrance requirements for the College, you will be provided with a Letter of Offer.

About Perth / Accommodation

Perth, Western Australia is the western gateway to Australia. Well known for its friendly and relaxed lifestyle, Perth is the ideal study destination for international students.


About Perth

Perth is located only a few hours air travel from most Asian capital cities and is in a similar time zone, making it easier to stay in touch with your family and friends.

Perth’s Mediterranean climate of short,cool, wet winters and long, warm dry summers ensures a pleasant environment in which to live.

Perth city is one of the most scenic in the world, built around the shores of the Swan River, with an abundance of lush parks and gardens and a coastline of clean, white beaches.

Many Western Australians are migrants or the children of migrants. This rich cultural variety is reflected in the diversity of the city’s restaurants, its arts festivals and exhibitions, and sporting and recreational opportunities.

There is a good public transportation system and, as a full-time student, you can obtain a special card entitling you to reduced fares.

For your peace of mind, Australia has excellent health care facilities. As a student of Tuart College you will be required to pay a health insurance fee entitling you to medical treatment in the event of illness or injury requiring hospitalisation.

The strong state of Western Australia’s economy has resulted in a low rate of unemployment. This has had a positive outcome for international students seeking their entitlement to part time work. As well as providing financial benefits, part time work also helps students to develop their English language skills in addition to giving them a broader understanding of life and culture in Australia.

More information about Perth can be found at the StudyPerth website.

Accommodation in Perth

Depending on a number of factors there are a variety of accommodation options available to international students.



Homestay is the preferred option for most international students as it offers a secure, family environment where they can be immersed in the Australian way of life. It also gives the student the opportunity to practice their English language skills and, because they do not have to cook for themselves, they have more time for their studies.

Homestay accommodation will be arranged through Australian Homestay Network (AHN). AHN provides 24/7 professional phone support\ and contents insurance for students and hosts as per its insurance policy.

Homestay Costs (2015/2016)

Placement Fee
Airport Transfer
Weekly Accommodation Fee

Rental Properties

Students over the age of 18 may wish to live more independently and take advantage of the variety of rental options close to the campus.