About Perth and Western Australia


Perth, Western Australia is the western gateway to Australia. Well known for its friendly and relaxed lifestyle, Perth is the ideal study destination for international students.

Perth is located only a few hours air travel from most Asian capital cities and is in a similar time zone, making it easier to stay in touch with your family and friends.

Perth's Mediterranean climate of short,cool, wet winters and long, warm dry summers ensures a pleasant environment in which to live.

Perth city is one of the most scenic in the world, built around the shores of the Swan River, with an abundance of lush parks and gardens and a coastline of clean, white beaches.

Many Western Australians are migrants or the children of migrants. This rich cultural variety is reflected in the diversity of the city's restaurants, its arts festivals and exhibitions, and sporting and recreational opportunities.

 There is a good public transportation system and, as a full-time student, you can obtain a special card entitling you to reduced fares.

For your peace of mind, Australia has excellent health care facilities. As a student of Tuart College you will be required to pay a health insurance fee entitling you to medical treatment in the event of illness or injury requiring hospitalisation.

The strong state of Western Australia’s economy has resulted in a low rate of unemployment. This has had a positive outcome for international students seeking their entitlement to part time work. As well as providing financial benefits, part time work also helps students to develop their English language skills in addition to giving them a broader understanding of life and culture in Australia.

More information about Perth can be found at the StudyPerth  website